I cleaned the living PISS out of my room.

My mother’s artwork. Isn’t she incredible?

So I cleaned my room. I don’t think you heard me… I CLEANED THE LIVING PISS out of my room. It took me over a month. There is nothing shoved under my bed or in a drawer it doesn’t belong in. Every single thing has a place. I know where every single thing is. EVERY SINGLE THING. I know where every article of clothing is, every set of shoes, every BOBBY PIN. You need a thumbtack? Done. A knee brace? Top drawer of my little dresser behind the hair accessories. Crayons? Bottom drawer of my little dresser next to my camera supplies. Workout gear? Why….in my workout corner of course! An extra bra strap? I got that too. What? Sometimes a girl needs an extra bra strap.

You get the idea. The point is, I’ve never been this organized in my life. I feel like I ran a marathon. I feel exhilarated and accomplished and uncluttered. How did I do it? I got rid of a lot of stuff. Three filled SUV loads went to charity and a lot of useless stuff got recycled or thrown out.

My antique cast iron bed. It’s one of my favorite things.

One thing that you realize, is that once you get started it gets easier and easier. It actually feels good after a while. You may even rambunctiously yell “Get out of my life!” every time you put something in the giveaway pile. Not that I did this or anything….I totally did.

Display your cutest shoes as art. Don’t hide them away!

When you get rid of the things that are unimportant, the things that really matter take center stage, like your mother’s artwork, or some treasured family photos, or your  baby Harry Potter owl. Just me? Cool.

Important items: The polar bear my dad bought me at Sea World the Summer I got out of the Navy and a pillow that I cross-stitched by hand.

When going through your closet, ask yourself, “If I was shopping today would I buy this?” I donated a dozen garbage bags of clothes and don’t miss them. I also, have an INSANE amount of clothes. I’m still working on whittling it down. It’s a work in progress for sure.

A peek into my closet. If you wander back far enough you reach Narnia. 🙂 Also, hang art in your closet or paint it! Treat it like a designed space and you’ll be more likely to keep it clean.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of everything that’s non-functional. I still have a Cinderella ball gown in my closet that I’ve never worn. Why? For when I go to the ball of course! I like it. Every time I look at it it makes me smile. It reminds me of wanting to be a princess when I was a little girl and it reminds me that I’m old enough to believe in fairy tales again. That ball gown has earned its real estate. Keep the things that are functional or that inspire you on a daily basis. Get rid of the rest! It’s that easy.

Calm. Peaceful. Ahhhhh.

A great rule of thumb to get you started is the one in, one out rule. If you bring something new into the house, get rid of something old. That’s it.

Ready for the BEFORE picture???



I just COULDN’T you guys. It was terrible. Trust me. You don’t want to see the before picture. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I have guests I keep my bedroom door firmly closed. It just ended up being the catchall for all the crap around the house that I didn’t know what to do with. Well now? The door is open. Anyone can see! It’s so welcoming and peaceful in there. I walk in and feel instantly relaxed and really isn’t that how a bedroom is supposed to make you feel? On to the next project!


*DISCLAIMER: I know these pictures aren’t great. I took these with my IPhone and despite what everyone says phone cameras (all of them) suck. Can we just all agree to go back to cameras now? Okay cool. Thanks. Glad we had this chat. I will take better pictures with a REAL camera soon.


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