Another Openin’ of Another Show!

The day after my Chicago adventure was our opening night in Wilmington, DE at the historic Dupont Theatre. It was everything you would want an opening night to be. Have you ever been in an audience of a musical that has a wall of sound that engulfs you? There is something physiological about it. Whenever I witness a wall of sound I get emotional. The same applies to being part of making that wall of sound. There is a number in Sister Act where the nuns are learning to sing called “Raise Your Voice.” It’s a passage of time piece where the nuns go from barely being able to sing to becoming an impressive choir. It’s an emotional song for obvious reasons. I think it reminds all of us performers about learning to sing and how much we love it and the joy found in it.





On Opening Night the energy was so strong that the nun chorus all burst into tears after that number and the audience ROARED. I’ve never been part of a show that has a crowd reaction like that. It’s addictive. The entire show was like a thrill ride, and we were SO happy to have the damn thing open. So much hard work went into it and LITERAL blood, sweat, and tears. We were also happy to go to the Opening Night party that signified the end of tech and the beginning of our grand adventure.


 1969288_10100945265587467_1058279783146565282_n 64247_10100945949561777_7303272462318044043_n

 1925292_10100945252249197_6171869471229043289_n 10641034_10100945233586597_6891159508160756726_n


See you soon on the open road!



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