Walking in Memphis

I had ONE day during my two weeks of plagues that I was feeling better before I was hit with my new sickness. BUT lucky me! It was in Memphis. I love love LOVED Memphis.

We walked from our hotel (walking in Memphis-hah!) to the historic Lorraine Hotel. The Lorraine Hotel is where Martin Luther King was assassinated. It is now the National Civil Rights Museum. The Lorraine Hotel part of it looks untouched. It is eery. I found myself getting incredibly emotional. You can tell that you’re on sacred ground. There was a crackle of electricity in the air and a heavy breeze. It is one of the most impactful places I’ve ever been and I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to go there.




After taking in the Lorraine Hotel, my cast headed to Central B Barbecue for some authentic Tennessee barbecue. It was absolutely delicious. Barbecue is probably my favorite thing on earth and this was good barbecue.



After barbecue we went to this game. The Memphis Grizzlies were playing SOMEone…I can’t remember who. I just remember that it was a team with a bird name. And I hate birds. So of course I cheered for the Grizzlies. Also, my cast won free t-shirts because we were the loudest people in the arena, because of course we were.



After the game it was time to hit Beale Street. We ended up at B. B. King’s and had a blast. And somehow I was still in bed by midnight. A really great day all in all.






Up next: A lovely adventure in Baton Rouge!



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