Alone Vs. Lonely

On a tour like this, you get very little alone time, if any. You are always surrounded by people. The same 40 people. Sometimes it’s really great and sometimes it’s not. Add to that the fact that there is a large range of ages. I am 15 years older than some of the cast/crew and 15 years younger than some of the other cast/crew. We’re all from completely different backgrounds. Some of us have a lot in common and some of us don’t. Our personalities range from lone wolf to social butterfly. So how do we stay sane?

I can’t speak for others, but what I’m learning is that I need to get as much alone time as possible. I still socialize, but I need both. About half the time, when people are going out, I decide to stay in because I know I’ll have the hotel room to myself and I know I need to recharge. When I was younger I wanted to be around people constantly, but as I get older, and dare I say get more comfortable in my own skin, I treasure time where I am alone with my thoughts.

You can have too much of any good thing though and I certainly don’t want to isolate myself from the group. Alone can quickly turn into lonely. It’s a careful balance. I choose my social outings wisely, just like my food or shopping splurges (another post coming soon). I plan them and look forward to them. They become special. One of the most special outings we have had yet, and I have a feeling it will stick out as a highlight for the rest of the tour, was dinner and drinks with the Talbots in Baton Rouge.

Mr. and Mrs. Talbot are one of our cast member’s friend’s parents. They opened their home to our entire cast/crew and fed us a delicious and much needed home-cooked meal comprised of gumbo and quinoa and salad and fresh fruit and vegetables and liquored us up a bit. Some of us more than a bit. 😉 And to top it off, they had beignets for desert which just so happens to be my favorite desert in the world.

We sat outside by their beautiful pool, in candlelight, and listened to jazz standards float through the air. You could smell in the air the flora combination that only exists in Louisiana. It’s sweet and musky, with a bit of spice. When my castmates started talking about work, I just drifted away and sat down by the outdoor fireplace and looked at the pool. I let my body and mind relax and recoup. I could feel the energy and light and life of my friends just a few steps away, but also had a kind of perfect solitude. It was the perfect night and the perfect balance of being social and alone.

On this tour I have been overwhelmingly happy, overwhelmingly sad, and everything in-between. That night, I was simply and calmly content and it was glorious. So much thanks to Nicole and to the wonderful Talbot family for taking care of us and giving us all a moment of peace.





I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was busy enjoying myself! Next up: Georgia and Back to NY!




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