Golf Clash Cheats & Strategy Guide

Golf Clash Cheats & Strategy Guide

Ready for golf? Golf Clash is a new golf game for iOS and Android. It’s designed for fast 1-on-1 combat where you can test your timing and targeting skills. Play in a test against other human players to see who the true Golf Clash Master is! Throughout your career, you can unlock a variety of different clubs and balls to give your game a unique “spin”!

We will help you become a putting master Golf Clash Cheats and Strategy Guide!

1.Adjust your strength!

During the regular shooting phase, pull the golf ball back into the blue circle. You will know that it is exactly in the middle when the target circle is blue. This is – according to the game standards – your optimal shooting distance and power. however , if you think you need a little more “oomph” in the shot, you can retract the ball even further. The target circle moves out of focus and the power arrow starts firing back and forth faster than usual. You can hit the ball harder than normal to prevent the shooting. Conversely, you can only pull back the ball slightly to hit it more easily than normal. Weigh the possibilities and use your best judgment!

Also, make sure that the glowing path is aligned with the hole. You’ll know when you have the right energy settings when you see the hole flag go up. The hole also starts to glow blue.

2.Keep your clubs upgraded!

If you take two equal players with precise timing, it is the player with the better clubs who wins! When you play the game, you will receive chests. These chests need to be unlocked before you can avail the treats that take some time. Start opening chests as soon as you receive them to make sure you do not cheat with chests.

Chests contain coins and gems, but especially new clubs. When you first get a club, it is unlocked and ready to use. When you get the club again, you get “parts” of it. If you receive a certain number of parts for a club, you can update them to improve the values. Always check your clubs and make sure Balls are a bit different than clubs.

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Instead of just strengthening balls, balls have special modifiers that give them unique abilities. Some balls have wind resistance and reduce the effect that wind has on your shots. There is also sidespin with which you can turn your shots sideways. Unfortunately, balls are consumable, meaning they disappear after each game. They have to buy them in packages at the store, and they cost gems.

3.Master the spin!

Before you make a shot, you can add spin to your ball if you wish. You can add Top Spin and Backspin, which makes the ball spin faster in that direction. Adding spin in general will have a slight adjustment to the trajectory of your ball. Remember how fine tuning! If you have the right ball, as mentioned above, you can also add a lateral spin for even more control. You can do without the spin, but mastering will help you immensely!

4.Get these chests!

Now that we’ve discussed the mechanics of the game, it’s time to talk about the possibilities of getting more chests and gems.

  • Try your best to rise in the league. Each time you move up in a division, you have a greater chance of getting more cards in chests!
  • This game also has achievements that reward you with gems as you complete them. You can go to your profile to check what you have done.
  • When you connect to Facebook, you get a platinum breast for free!

That’s all for Golf Clash! If you have more tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!