Golf Clash Wind guide

Golf Clash Wind guide

This is about a cute and well-made simulation for PC, iOS and Android called Golf Clash . I have been playing this for some time now and am already quite far. With a few tips you can continue and do not lose your courage.

Of course, the game is already aimed at the fact that the player eventually reaches into the pocket and invested money. The frustration is promoted, in which one often prefixed strong opponents who could simply reinvest much more in prize money for rackets and balls. You can only win with skill and good luck.

The most important tip is to show yourself and do not try to reach for the stars. That is, play any tour (it means tournament – the term is stupid, because there are actually courses or levels in which 1: 1 games are played on a hole) until there are no more trophies / cups pick there.

Continue to play a tournament – I stick to the term of the developers – only then, if you have at least ten times the stake in the account. Only then does a defeat hurt so much! This is tedious, but so the game can be played for free until the day of St. John’s Day and is fun.

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golf clash wind chart

Useful game mechanics tips can be found with the help of Google. During my research, I discovered a spreadsheet on Google Drive that contains very valuable data about all the rackets. This master list tells you how much gold is needed to buy racket upgrades and whether it’s worth it. I would have liked to have the table earlier and certainly saved one or the other upgrade.

But the golf clash wind table really brings us forward :

Golf Clash table

This beautiful overview has to do with the accuracy and influence of wind on the stroke or trajectory of the ball. Each racket has an accuracy (accuracy). This can be used to determine the influence of wind or the meaning of the rings in the target area.

A sniper with 100% accuracy (Divisor 1), for example, hits the outer edge of the third (blue) ring in a magnitude 3 wind. A 75% accuracy (Divisor 1.5) racket hits the edge of the second (orange) ring in a 3-magnitude wind. Wait, then an accurate racket (smaller divisor, larger quotient) will continue to spread, rather than an inaccurate! Of course, that’s not the case, because the radii of the rings are much smaller on the exact racket, so the deviation as well.

The table in short form: G is the accuracy of the racket, D the divisor for the first ring, 2-5 are the values ??at the outer edge of the following rings.

So you only have to divide the wind force by the divisor from the table. The calculated quotient is the hit point in rings. So in the above example, you divide 3: 1.5 = 2, which means 2 full rings. The center of the target area must therefore be pushed exactly on the edge of the second ring against the wind direction. You will be astonished how precisely you can beat with this knowledge.

With the short irons, you just divide everything 2. That’s fine. At blows from the edge of the green I did not notice the influence of wind yet.

Downhill and uphill

Some holes have slope. If the ball is played downhill, it is longer in the air and thus the influence of wind longer. Here, 10-30% must be added, depending on how strong the slope is. When playing uphill reversed.

Range of the bat

Over the range of the range of a racket the influence of wind changes of course also. Let’s say a bat makes 100-130 yards. The table applies to the maximum range. But if we set our target point at the lower minimum (you can see in Golf Clash that the racket is changed automatically!), Then 10% must be deducted! For example, instead of a correction of 5.5 rings, then only one of 5 rings is needed.

The variance in calculating the rings for changing club ranges, wind conditions, gradients is explained quite nicely in this document of Golf Clash University.

Golden shot

Of course, this is also true for the golden beat. The values ??for the accuracy of the golden clubs can be found in the golden golf bag or read here:

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